Cleverline Ben Affleck




                                                                                    Ch.Tookurra Catch a Star

                                              Ch.Trucharm Read Allaboutit

                                                                                    Ch.Trumagik Classic Charm


Ch. Vanilla Sky of Cleverland


                                                                                    Ch. Hotnote Good News

                                             Obsession of Cleverland

                                                                                    Home sweet Home of Cleverland




                                                                                   Ch.Lochburn Kodak Magic

                                            Ch.Flair Kiwi Kobi at Lochburn

                                                                                   Ch.Bridiebrock Smart in Tartan


Diamond of Whitecastle Babe


                                                                                   Ch. Flower of old Hill Anthony

                                           Ch.Vigour of Blackmountain Brooklyn

                                                                                   Vigour of Blackmountain Anastacia













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