Deutscher Champion Club / VDH Vanilla Sky of Cleverland

                                                                                         Ch. Tullacrest Thiefa Hearts

                                       Ch.Tookurra Catch a Star

                                                                                         Ch.Tookurra believe n Magic

Ch.Trucharm Read allaboutit

                                                                                         Ch.Trucharm Royal Tartan

                                       Ch.Trumagik Classic Charm

                                                                                         Ch.Trumagic Toucho Karla



                                                                                         Minimbah Loustrous

                                       Ch.Hotnote Good News

                                                                                         Ch.Luvstock Andromeda

Obsession of Cleverland

                                                                                         Ch.Evening Sky von Mauritius

                                       Home sweet Home of Cleverland

                                                                                         Evening Sky of Cleverland

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